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Osceola Mills Pennsylvania

Osceola Mills Borough is located in Clearfield county,
on the border of Centre county. As of the 2000 census,
The population of Osceola Mills is 1249.
The Osceola Mills area was settled in 1797. The first settler
was Abraham Goss, on land bought from Hardman Phillips.
He and his wife Elizabeth and their 13 children actually
 settled in what is now known as Stumptown.
The first settler actually within what is now the borough limits is thought to be Jude Winters.
The early industry for the area was lumber. The lumber industry contributed to naming the town.
When there was a need to distinguish our Osceola from another PA town the Mills 
(as in the large lumber mills)was added.
The town began to thrive in the 1860s when it became a stop on the railroad.
The borough was incorporated in 1865.
A notable event in the early history was the big fire of 1875.
 A forest fire roared through miles of central Pennsylvania
 including a good portion of Osceola Mills.
 The fire destroyed over 200 buildings.

Why Osceola?

People from around the country often ask how Osceola Mills got its' name. The short version is that, Osceola Mills was named for the Seminole Indian war leader, Osceola.

After years of being chased through the swamps by the U.S. Army
Osceola was tricked into capture under the guise of truce talks
 and later died in custody.

Our town, and many other across the country, was named to honor the fighting spirit of this leader of the Seminole Wars.

Borough Officers

Columbia Fire Company

The incorporation of the Columbia Volunteer Fire Company in 1889

 was very important to the community. 
Not only did the fire company provide much needed fire protection,
 but it is also responsible for what is probably Osceola's longest standing tradition. 
The July fourth parade and celebration. 
The exact starting date of the celebration is disputable,
 but it is known to date back to at least the 1920s.
 Each year the fire company sponsors a carnival for the week of the Fourth 
with a large parade on July 4th itself.
 That week is used by many in town as homecoming.
Everyone knows that a good way to find family and old classmates
 is to walk around Osceola on the Fourth of July.